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Modern and more fuel-efficient Western airplanes will promote integrated job market for maintenance specialists in the CIS region


Currently over 1000 Western-build airplanes are being operated in ten CIS member-states, plus Ukraine and Georgia (CIS+2). But the regional aviation market is still highly fragmented with more than 45 different types of aircraft, both Western- and Russian-made.

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FL Technics Training: ageing aircraft fleets require extra maintenance


Despite the fact that airlines tend to opt for increasingly younger fleets and to send the exploited aircraft into retirement earlier more often than they previously used to, there are still many still operated aircraft that date back to the Soviet Union.

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Demand for composite repair training grows along with advanced aircraft market


The new Boeing Dreamliner which costs over USD 200 million is made out of composite materials. Two thirds of its aluminium body parts were traded for components, produced from a new, much lighter material – carbon reinforced plastic.

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