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Quality System in Part-M/Part-145 Organizations

Quality System in Part-M/Part-145 Organizations


2 days

Number of Participants

Minimum: 12
Maximum: 28


on request


Training includes:

  • Strategic orientation of quality concept;
  • Introduction to quality management;
  • Introduction to process management;
  • Quality standards and definitions (ISO 9000-Family);
  • Interpretation of requirements to quality systems according to EASA PART-145 and EASA PART-M;
  • Phases for the implementation of a quality system.


This course introduces the regulations contained in EASA PART-145 andEASA PART-M related to quality systems. It will illustrate and explain howthey can be successfully, effectively and efficiently implemented into yourcompany. Participants should contribute to the course with their professionalexperience as much as possible. Task assignments based upon currentoccurrences will be solved independently or in groups. The participants willbe provided with useful tools and templates to establish, maintain and furtherdevelop their own quality system.

Target Group

Future Quality Managers, Accountable Managers, Nominated Postholdersand Competent Authority Members.

Aircraft Engine





None. Participants will receive a Part-147 certificate upon successfulcompletion of the course.

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