Training Courses

Engineering and Planning Training

Engineering and Planning Training


5 days

Number of Participants

Standart group: 8.


on request


Training includes:

- Aircraft technical log utilization and mel application;

- Aircraft maintenance program – development and amendment;

- Time and continuing airworthiness records, responsibilities, access;

- Accomplishment and control of airworthiness directives;

- Analysis of the effectiveness of the maintenance program;

- Non-mandatory modification embodiment policy;

- Engineering activity;

- Reliability program;

- Aircraft weighting;

- Operator procedures and paperwork;

- Maintenance instructions and relationship to aircraft;

- Airworthiness directives;

- Technical records control;

- Control of man-hour planning versus scheduled maintenance plan; production planning;

- Production planning.


To provide students with theoretical knowledge of Engineering and Planning Process, documentation.

Target Group

The specialists of engineering and planning with experience or not.

Aircraft Engine



Familiarity with relevant regulations.


None. Participants will receive a Part-147 certificate upon successful completion of the course.

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