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Engine Borescope Inspection Training Course CFM56-3, -5, -7

Engine Borescope Inspection Training Course CFM56-3, -5, -7


3 days

Number of Participants

Minimum: 4
Maximum: 6


on request


Training includes:

  • General description of engine;
  • Preparing and using borescope equipment;
  • Performance of borescope inspection;
  • Indicating and measuring of damages found;
  • Writing inspection report.


On successful completion of the course the participant will be able to: Explain the general build up of the corresponding engine; Name compressor/turbine stages and components which can be inspectedby borescope equipment;- Explain and use borescope equipment; Name borescope ports to gain access to the necessary inspection areas; State the safety requirements and temperature limitations for borescopeinspections; Find out damage limits for relevant engine parts; Perform borescope inspection tasks on CFM56-3 engines and interpret/evaluate findings using AMM;- Record the relevant documentation by use record sheets and photo/video equipment.

Target Group

Mechanic / technician seeking to get borescope inspecion authorization.

Aircraft Engine



Be familiar with ATA 72 chapter or theoretical B1 course with appropriate A/C engine.


A written theoretical examination and practical assessment. Participants will receive a Part-147 certificate upon successful completion of the course.

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