Training Courses

Familiarization Theoretical Training

Familiarization Theoretical Training


5 days

Number of Participants

Minimum: 12
Maximum: 28


on request


Level I provides a brief overview of the airframe, systems, and powerplant as outlined in the Systems Description Section of the Aircraft Maintenance Manual.


Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to:

  1. Identify safety precautions related to the airframe, its systems and power plant.
  2. Identify maintenance practices important to the airframe, its systems and power plant.
  3. Define the general layout of the aircraft's major systems.
  4. Define the general layout and characteristics of the power plant.
  5. Identify special tooling and test equipment used with this aircraft.

Target Group

Management, Engineering, CAA inspectors or other personnel.

Aircraft Engine

IAE V2500


Participants must have general knowledge of turbine powered transport aircraft.


No examination.

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