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Aircraft deliveries: a blessing for the industry and a nightmare for airlines


While both old and new players of the aviation industry are getting ready to welcome hundreds and thousands of new aircraft to their fleets, the industry itself seems to send some worrying signals

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Will workforce issues sink the Middle Eastern aviation industry?


With a carefully adopted liberalization strategy and steadily developing tourist industry supporting the high demand for air travel, the Middle East has successfully secured a strong position among the top leaders of the aviation industry. As a result, the region has developed a strong demand for new aircraft, as well as its appropriate support from the MRO sector. Still, as it takes people to power MRO, will the inability to timely address the shortage of qualified, locally trained maintenance talent bring the on-going growth to a stop?

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Indian aviation industry: a fight for a better tomorrow


Confusion and uncertainty have been the best description of last several years for the Indian commercial aviation sector. But it seems that the market is showing certain signs of an upcoming turnaround. Moreover, as the Indian government has allowed international aircraft companies to establish ventures in the MRO segment, the upcoming country’s largest MRO facility is expected to become operational soon. However, as new liberalizing winds appear to be favourable for the aviation industry in the region, the country must still address unresolved pressing issues, including the training of technical personnel.

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Will lower fuel prices lend a hand to the aircraft MRO providers?


The global economic crisis, followed by an unprecedented leap of fuel prices marked a new page in aviation industry, prompting the introduction of re-engined as well as entirely new generation of aircraft into the airspace. This, in turn, has had a massive effect on the MRO segment, generating a demand for a whole new generation of technicians, capable of maintaining these new technologies. However, as there are numerous reasons to believe that the fuel prices will drop, the MRO industry might finally get a chance to at least partially regain its breath

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Russian air safety: chicken-and-egg dilemma


In the aftermath of the latest fatal Boeing 737 crash in Kazan, the pressing air safety-related issues have once again become the focus of discussions in the boardrooms of carriers and regulative institutions across Russia and the entire CIS

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