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Military aviation MRO management calls for a change of mindset


According to a 30-year aircraft procurement plan the U.S. Defence Department submitted to Congress three years ago, it would be at least 10 years before new strategic airlifters and long-range bombers are produced and delivered. In the meantime, during the Aero India 2015 the CEO of RAC MiG stated the corporation is considering prolonging the service age of its MiG-29 aircraft by almost 2 times - to 40 years. However, while sustainment of aging aircraft is clearly becoming more and more important for the Air Forces worldwide, the operators will need to revamp their practices to make them more efficient and less costly.

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FL Technics to provide Base Maintenance support to Turkmenistan Airlines


FL Technics, a global provider of integrated aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul services, is pleased to announce the signing of a Base Maintenance agreement with Turkmenistan Airlines. Under the agreement, FL Technics will provide C-Check support for the carrier’s five Boeing 737 NG aircraft. 

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Aviation MRO in Africa in need of overhaul


Despite the fact that aviation industry creates around 6.7 million jobs and $6.8B for African GDP, it still remains an area for concern. There are a lot of factors to blame for such a performance, including limited technology, poor policing, cumbersome airport fees and taxes on jet fuel (which are about 20% higher than elsewhere on the globe), as well as the lack of political will. Nevertheless, first and foremost in order to start moving forward, the region has to properly address its MRO capabilities in both short and long term perspectives.

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Is aircraft MRO personnel supply outpaced by new technologies?


The recent flight testing of the new, environmentally friendly Boeing ecoDemonstrator 787 has definitely been a glorious moment for both aviation technicians and eco-activists. Unfortunately, according to the newest Oliver Wyman MRO survey, currently only 20% of companies consider investing in new technology as a way to adapt to challenges, connected with implementation of such innovations within the industry. The disappointing statistics clearly indicate that the already tense situation with new aircraft technology, accompanied with evolving MRO practices is not likely to be diffused any time soon. 

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Middle Eastern aviation not ready to switch to in-house MRO support


Currently, the Middle Eastern commercial aviation MRO market is growing at a faster rate than the global average. According to ICF International, it is expected to account for up to 8% of the global civil aviation MRO market in 2015. However, as more and more local carriers find having suppliers from North America or Europe no longer acceptable, it is still unclear whether the domestic ones will be able to fully replace them.

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