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FL Technics to support Ural Airlines in Armenia, Russia and Tajikistan


FL Technics, a global provider of tailor-made aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul services, is further developing its cooperation with CIS-based air carriers by signing a Line Maintenance agreement with Ural Airlines. According to the documents, FL Technics engineers will be providing on-call support to the carrier’s aircraft in 5 airports across Armenia, Russia and Tajikistan.

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A quest for profit: increasing aircraft availability


While IATA forecasts the airline industry to generate $746 billion revenues in 2014, the airlines are still struggling with profitability. Currently, the average actual earnings of the carriers globally account for less than $6 per departing passenger. Thus, in a struggle to find ways to earn more, the focus of the aviation industry must change with regard to how aircraft maintenance is accomplished.

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Growing popular engine support requirements to increase demand for technical training


CFM56 family remains one of the most popular engine types both globally and regionally. Even as CFM is preparing to start the transition towards the next-generation LEAP family, it continues to look at upgrades to the current popular models. This means that as the deliveries of the newer generation aircraft accelerate, support requirements for the trusty CFM56 will continue to grow and develop. However, will the MROs be able to follow?

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OEM supply chain squeeze is affecting aftermarket prices


With a combined backlog of more than 10 000 commercial aircraft, both Boeing and Airbus have never been in a stronger position, particularly when it comes to negotiating with their suppliers. As a result, the OEMs have been increasingly pressuring the latter to offer significant price concessions in order to be able to sell new aircraft at lower prices. However, these efforts are forcing downstream suppliers to take action as well.

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Are new fleet-related trends more than the MRO industry can handle?


Currently the order backlogs of the two major OEMs, Boeing and Airbus, are at record 5 100 and 5 500 respectively. With this in regard, the global fleet is expected to shed 4-5% of its airframes annually to absorb the backlogs and near-term production rates that the manufacturers have lined up. However, recently the widespread traffic growth has in fact been helping to cut into the parked fleet instead.

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