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At the moment, the company providing a platform for the aviation industry to search, buy and sell aviation inventory, is hiring Sales Representative in Vilnius and Remote Sales Representative all over the world. In order to read the full proposals please click the link below:

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2014-09-17 EASA extends FL Technics Part 21J approval to Major Modifications

FL Technics, a global provider of tailor-made aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul services, is proud to announce that the company has successfully passed EASA certification and was granted with an extended Design Organization Part 21J STC approval which allows aviation maintenance service providers to perform major cabin interior modifications More...

2014-09-11 IT in aviation training: a call for evolution

With major aircraft manufacturers sharing a backlog of over 10 000 aircraft, MRO providers worldwide are finding themselves under increasing pressure to introduce new means designed to meet the demand for appropriate support of the rapidly growing global fleet. More...

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